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Floor Mat Cleaning Tips

1.Clean your Car.Before you can even start washing your floor mats, you will have to clean up your car. Even if it is just the floor mats that you want to clean, you shouldn’t neglect the rest of your car. Moreover, you will have to pick up any objects from the car floor –if there are any. If the objects are of no use, throw them away, and if you want to keep them, be sure to keep your things in dedicated compartments. Now you can easily see the stains and dirt on your mats, which will make cleaning them a lot easier.2.Take the Mats Out.While this might seem a little obvious, most people clean their floor mats without taking them out first. Various parts of your car should never get in contact with liquids of any sort, which means that you should always wash your mats outside the car. Not to mention, cleaning car mats from the inside can feel a little uncomfortable, giving you even more reason to take the mats out.3.Buy a Mat Cleaner.If you are new to cleaning your car’s floor mat, you may think that a nice scrub with soap should be enough to clean it. However, it takes a lot more than just soap and a nice scrub to clean those mats. Mat cleaners are great when it comes to cleaning more delicate mats. But before you buy a cleaner, you will have to look at the type of floor mat you have. If it is something that resembles a rubber floor mat, then soap and vinegar will suffice. On the other hand, if it resembles more to cloth or upholstery, you don’t want to ruin the color or feel of the mat. Therefore, you will have to buy a proper vehicle carpet cleaning solution for it.

4.Buying a Brush.Now that you have the supplies to clean your mat, the only thing that you are missing is a good brush. It is always good to buy a separate brush to clean your car’s floor mats. Since your floor mat will most likely require a nice scrub before it is properly clean, buying a good brush can really help you clean.You should also choose a brush that is smaller and more comfortable to use. Seeing how scrubbing your floor mats – especially cloth ones – take a lot of effort; you want a brush that is very comfortable and easy to use. A smaller brush can also help you get around cleaning smaller parts of your mat.5.Cleaning your Carpet.Now that you have all of the necessary supplies that will help you clean, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Cleaning your carpet or upholstery mat takes a little more care than its rubber counterpart. Other than care, you will also need the right supplies in order to clean the mats effectively, something that yo9u should already have if you have been following the guide so far. Here is how you will go about cleaning your carpet or upholstery mat.


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