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Types & Tips Phone Case Choosen

There are two types of casings available in the market, hardcase and softcase. However, lately we have also been able to find casings that combine both types and not a few people call it a hybridcase.

1.Hardcase is a type of hard case, and is usually made using polycarbonate, metal or wood. As the material used, this type of holster prioritizes protective ability, aka protects the smartphone from impact or friction.

2.Softcase is a soft sheath made of high quality rubber material, leather and other elastic materials. Soft blankets provide more comfort when held and also protect the smartphone from dust or other dirt.

Function or Design?

What do you notice from the phone case? does it function or more to an attractive design? if you want to avoid dust or other dirt, a soft sheath can be the right choice. If you have chosen according to its function, the next step is to find a design that can further enhance your smartphone.

Casing Quality?

For hardcase, the material used can be metal, wood, and even polycarbonate plastic. While the softcase is made using ruber material, leather and other elastic materials.Check and read carefully the material used to make the casing if you buy online, This is to prevent you from mistakenly choosing a suitable casing for your phone.Choose a casing that is really solid, not easily damaged, and has thumb quality.

Good air circulation?

A must-have feature, do not make your smartphone hot easily due to lack of air circulation. For that, make sure you have a sheath, both hard and soft that provides some holes for air circulation so that the smartphone temperature is maintained.
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