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December'2020 Flash Deal on the 2nd of December'20 at 1pm until 4th of December'20 at 6pm.

* The Tier 1 Campaign Gift is guaranteed for the First 50x Successful Applicants. The SUG is tiered. 8X times spent for SUG eligibility are mandatory for this campaign.
* The Tier 1 SUG is an Apple iPhone 12 for the First 50x Successful approved and 8x spend customers.

* The Tier 2 SUG is an Amazfit Bip for all the approved and 8x spend customers (Guaranteed SUG) who are not part of the First 50x successful applicant list.

I have attached the revised final T&C and visuals for your kind review.

Terms and Conditions
1. RinggitPlus Credit Card Campaign (“Campaign”) is organised by Jirnexu Sdn Bhd (1081989-D), (“The Organiser”) shall commence on 2nd December 2020, and be available until 4th December 2020, both dates inclusive unless notified otherwise (“Campaign Period”). The Organiser reserves the right to end the Campaign earlier than 4th December 2020. Applications received after the Campaign has ended will not be valid. All applicants are required to complete the application online on Citibank website, which you will be redirected upon completed registration on RinggitPlus website.

2. The Campaign is open to all visitors who:

2.1 Apply online at the Organiser's website ringgitplus.com for a Qualifying Citi Credit Card (“Citi Credit Card”) as a Principal Cardholder (“Cardholder”), are approved, receive, activate and spend minimum of 8 Transactions (Retail Spend) with any one (1) of the qualifying Citi Credit Cards below (Clause 2.2).

2.2 Qualifying Citi Credit Cards are:
• Citi PremierMiles MasterCard
• Citi Clear MasterCard
• Citi Prestige MasterCard
• Citi Cash Back Platinum MasterCard
• Citi Cash Back MasterCard
• Citi Business Platinum MasterCard
• Citi Rewards MasterCard
• Citi Simplicity Plus MasterCard
• Lazada Citi Platinum Credit Card

2.3 The following persons are NOT eligible to participate in this Campaign:
2.3.1 Permanent and/or contract employees of Citibank (including its subsidiaries and related companies) and their respective immediate family members;
2.3.2 Representatives and/or agents (including advertising and campaign agents) of Citibank and their respective immediate family members; Permanent and contract employees of Citibank Berhad and Jirnexu Sdn Bhd;
2.3.3 Any Applicant or persons who had cancelled any of his/her Citibank credit card and re-apply within twelve (12) months before the date of application (Campaign Period);
2.3.4 Present holders of any Citibank credit card(s) whether issued in Malaysia or otherwise; and/or
2.3.5 Any person who has committed or suspected of committing any misconduct, fraudulent or wrongful acts in relation to their Card account(s), any facility, service, or accommodation granted by Citibank, including Citibank Online (Website).

2.4 The Organiser reserves the right to approve or reject information submitted at the website without assigning any reason.

3. To qualify for the annual fee waiver, principal and supplementary card application must successfully be approved by Citibank based on the financial institution’s sole discretion.

4. The Organiser offers an exclusive gift ("Campaign Gift") to visitors who are approved by Citi, and subsequently activates and spend a minimum of 8 transactions (Retail Spend) on the new card.

5. The “Retail Spend” means the purchase of any goods or services (Local or International) with the use of the Card and may, at Citibank’s discretion, includes any card transactions as may be determined by Citibank except for the following transactions:

5.1 Instalments paid under Citibank’s Flexi Payment Plan, Credit Shield Plus, Quick Cash, Balance Transfer, Balance Transfer via Instalment Plan and Cash Advance;
5.2 Any disputed, cancelled, refunded, unauthorized or fraudulent purchase transactions;
5.3 Payment of annual Citi Credit Card membership fees;
5.4 Interest payments, late payment fees, charges for cash withdrawals, Goods and Service Tax or other taxes and any form of service/miscellaneous fees; and /or
5.5 Transactions made by the Citibank Cardmembers with any merchant associated with or controlled by them (whether as employee, employer, shareholder or director); i.e. Transactions by a Citibank Cardmembers with any corporation or business entity in which he/she is an employee, employer or works with or has shares or interest in or is a director of.

6. Each Cardholder is eligible for only one Campaign Gift throughout the Campaign Period, regardless of the number of approved Citi Credit Cards for the Cardholder during the Campaign Period. To qualify for the Campaign Gift, the Cardholder must apply for a Citi Credit Card from the Organiser’s website during the Campaign Period, subsequently activates and spend a minimum of 8 transactions on the new card within 60 days from the Card Approval Date (“Eligible Cardholder”).

7. RinggitPlus Credit Card Campaign Special Terms and Conditions:

7.1 The Exclusive “RinggitPlus December Campaign” is opened to customers who applied for any of the Citibank product (Clause 2.2) via RinggitPlus website during the campaign period, and successfully fulfil the requirements as stated in the Campaign Terms and Conditions.

7.2 The Applicants are required to provide the Identity Card (MyKad) images (front and back) during the application via Organiser’s website (RinggitPlus WhatsApp).

7.3 The Exclusive Campaign Gift as below.

SUG Tier SUG Criteria
Tier 1 Apple iPhone 12
First 50 Successful Applicants
Tier 2 Amazfit Bip
For the Successful Applicant who is not part of the criteria as per Tier 1

7.3 The First 50x Successful Applicants is on a “first come first serve” basis and is determined by the date and time of the online application via RinggitPlus website ringgitplus.com for a Qualifying Product from Citibank (Clause 2.2).

7.4 The Successful Applicant who is not part of the First 50x Successful Applicants will be entitled to the Tier 2 gifts (as listed in the table above).

7.5 Selection of the first 50x Successful winners will be done by RinggitPlus, upon receiving the Successful Applicants list from Citibank, in which the list of winners will be announced and published on RinggitPlus Facebook page, by 31st March 2021.

7.6 The Organiser’s will provide the First 50x Successful Tier 1 Exclusive Campaign Gift winner an email with the gift claim instructions upon receiving the Approval List from Citibank. The Successful Winners will be responsible to fill in the accurate details in the given form for the Organiser’s to arrange a delivery of the Campaign Gift.

7.7 The remaining winners for the Tier 2 Exclusive Campaign Gift (Amazfit Bip) will receive an email instruction from the Organiser’s. The Eligible Cardholder who have receive the instructions will be responsible to provide the accurate details for the Organiser to arrange delivery of the gift.

7.8 RinggitPlus reserves the right to halt the campaign gift fulfilment and disqualify applicants who have failed to fulfil the Campaign Terms and Conditions, or applicants who falls under the following categories:

• applicants who have cancelled the approved credit card within 6 months from the Gift Claimed Date
• applicants who have an outstanding/arrears balance more than 90 days on the approved credit card
• applicants who have lost or replaced the approved credit card within 6 months from the Gift Claimed Date

8. Only Cardholders who fulfil the RinggitPlus Credit Card Campaign Special Terms and Conditions shall be eligible for a Campaign Gift. The Organiser reserves the right to disqualify applicants who have failed to fulfil the Special Offer Terms and Conditions and/or who have submitted incomplete or inaccurate data, without prior notice.

9. The Successful Applicant will receive an email with gift claim instructions from the Organiser’s within a period of 90 days once Citibank has provided the Organiser’s with the Approval list of the Successful Cardmembers.

10. Campaign Gift is subject to availability. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the Organiser reserve the right to substitute alternative gifts of equivalent or greater value with no notice.

11. Campaign Gift cannot be transferred to other parties, is not refundable and not exchangeable for cash, credit or other goods.

12. By applying at ringgitplus.com, all customers consent bank to share the application status, activation status and any qualifying criteria with the Organiser for the Campaign fulfilment purpose. And any other purposes to which the entrant has consented, such as the Terms and Conditions, Personal Data and Information Notice, and Privacy Policy published at ringgitplus.com.

13. By accepting the offer each eligible person agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

13.1 The Organiser reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend the Campaign without notice. Any cancellation, termination or suspension of the Campaign by The Organiser shall not entitle the applicant to any claim or compensation against The Organiser for any loss or damage incurred by the applicant as a direct and indirect result of such cancellation, termination or suspension.

13.2 The decisions of the Organiser in relation to every aspect of the Campaign, including but not limited to the type of Campaign Gift, shall be deemed final and conclusive under any circumstance and no complaint from any applicant will be entertained. The decisions of The Organiser are final, conclusive and binding and no further appeal, enquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.

13.3 The terms and conditions herein contained shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.(APPLY HERE)


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